Roma Fringe Festival


We support Independent Theater


Zona Indipendente is a network of Italian independent theaters that since 2019 hosts the best show of Rome Fringe Festival.

The goal of this network is to give a concrete opportunity to independent companies to make their own work known throughout Italy.
In fact the best show of the Rome Fringe wins a tour of 12 dates across the Zona Independente theatre network.
This opportunity represents concrete support for independent Italian theater companies.

Zone Indipendente is one of reasons why our Festival represents a crucial aspect of theater making in Italy.
It is an excellent starting point from which to build a network of international exchanges between the Fringers around the world.
Another goal is to create a network of national and international relations involving all members of the large, independent theatre family: theaters, companies, playwrights, actors, and directors, to name just a few.

Zona Indipendente is an active place offering a new way to look at the world through research and free expression


The Zona Indipendente Theaters

Teatro Vascello


Carichi Sospesi



Civita Castellana (Vt)

Teatro Verdi

Muggia (TS)

Kitchen Teatro Indipendente


Teatro del Loto

Ferrazzano (CB)

Teatro Fulvio

Guglionesi (CB)

Teatro Manzoni

Calenzano (Fi)

Teatro Nest


Teatro della Città
"Vitaliano Brancati"

Teatro delle Temperie

Calcara di Crespellano (Bo)