Jury Panel

The Jury Panel of the Rome Fringe is divided in two phases:

- in the first phase the jury panel is composed by the delegates of the Theatres of Zona Indipendente. It has to decree the best three shows for the final;

- In the second phase there is the final jury panel that has to decree the best show of Rome Fringe Festival 2022.



The best show of Roma Fringe Festival 2022 will win:
- The access to San Diego Fringe Festival.
- A tour of 12 dates in the theaters of Zona Indipendente.



This section includes the selection of unpublished projects and proposals that starting from the theatrical languages (writing, directing, dance, acting, interplay of languages) are conceived and designed for an exclusive broadcast on specific Streaming platforms or TV channels (terrestrial, digital or web). The projects won’t have to be the simple adaptations of performances, but works in which intertwining the theatrical languages and the artistic idea with this new ways of fruition. For the selected project, at the exclusive and unquestionable judgment of the jury, the Rome Fringe Festival will make available the production necessary to the realization and will undertake to broadcast it on the main national and international specific platforms. Any eventual proceeds will be of the company.