I am part of a company made of 4 actors plus the director and light designer. Can we apply to Roma Fringe Festival?

Yes, you can apply because the application is open to companies of 5 actors at the most. But the theaters of Zona Indipendente, who will host the winning performance, will cover only the travel expenses, food and accommodation for up to 5 people. So, if your company is made of 6 people (4 actors plus director and light designer), the expenses for the 6th person will be charged to the company.


I already staged my performance in a small theatre in Rome. Can I apply to the Rome Fringe Festival?

If your show was staged in a theatre with a paying audience, you can’t apply to Rome Fringe Festival with the same show. If you staged it in another city, or in Rome in a theatre without paying audience, you can apply to Rome Fringe Festival.


Last year I presented a working progress of my performance lasting around 15 min. Can I apply to Rome Fringe Festival?

Yes, because your show has not already been proposed in its full way.


I have written a play based on Hamlet of Shakespeare. Can I apply to Rome Fringe Festival?

Yes, you can apply because it’s about an adaptation of the original play.


Regarding the 50% of the proceeds belonging to the company is it gross or net?

The economic allocation between the artists and the Fringe is calculated on the net collection. Then from the price of the ticket (8 euros) must be deducted the Vat and the fee.